Venkatesh Madhaven

Venkatesh Madhaven – Malaysia

My calibration experience actually started purely by accident. I had no plans on going down this path. Sometime in 2006, I decided it was time to move into the world of flat panels and while researching decided on a particular Pioneer Plasma panel to be my 1st panel.  Bought the 42 inch panel for a ridiculously high price by today’s standards (720p even!) and while researching more, found out that it could be calibrated. Looked up the relevant website and found only about 3-4 calibrators in my country and all of them were based about 300 kilometres from where I was.  Talking to some of them is where the journey started.  They were all dealers who were selling stuff (projectors, tvs and all) and they seemed to be less informed than me (and that was from reading on the net).  One even suggested that I buy another panel from them and they will calibrate it in their place and ship it over to me!  That kicked off this long (expensive!) journey into the world of calibration.  Got my 1st spectro (the trusty EyeOne Pro) with Calman V1 (or 2) and off I went.

Along the way, I figured I would get education to confirm that all the self taught stuff along the way was indeed correct.  Learned a lot from these formal classes (THX & ISF) and started to offer services to individuals and businesses in Malaysia/Singapore.

My main goal is to improve awareness of calibration and its benefits to the people in Malaysia/Singapore. Making people understand why they would chose a certain display type and how to go about preparing your environment and controls to bring out the best of the display.  Love the challenge of getting people to understand the fundamentals of why we calibrate and what is actually being done during each step.  The challenge of a particularly difficult display & install and watching the client enjoy his/her display adhering to the correct spec as intended is a fulfilling one.

Side goals: Get a proper website somewhat akin to what Michael has done for people in my region….

Written by Michael Chen