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Robert Busch

Robert BuschRobert has had the privilege of working in the Audio/Video business for over 28 years and his passion is to help everyone hear and see the sound and visuals the way they were intended. He has written for magazines reviewing products and has been written up in many of the magazines about the services he provides.  Over the years Robert has given information to manufactures to help them make better products for the consumer to buy. 

Robert has also worked in many post-production facilities calibrating displays for a very long time and has seen first-hand how hard these gifted people work to get it right, via the video standards.  Early on Robert had his hand in speaker design where he introduced products at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in fact this is where he first met Joe Kane of the Imaging Science Foundation and was introduced to video calibration, some 24 years ago..  Robert has worked with Joe Kane (now JKP) and Joel Silver of the ISF to help train and educate over these years and is still extremely passionate about helping consumers and professionals get it right. 

When Robert performs a video calibration he takes the customer step by step through all of the measurements and adjustments.  He does this to show the customer how close to the SMPTE specifications there display is post calibration.   Next he takes a look at a number of reference images with the customer to verify everything looks correct.