Lee Gallagher

Lee GallagherAdvanced Audio Visual provides the finest video calibration services in the state of Arizona, enabling you to achieve the best picture quality possible from your home theater system.

For the past 8 years I have been a full-time Video Systems Calibrator. I am recognized by both the ISF and THX.  I offer complete and thorough 2D and 3D video calibrations for all front and rear projection display devices, including CRT, DLP, LCD, Plasma, LCoS and DILA.  My services are available throughout the state of Arizona.

I have completed ISF and THX Cerification Training, Joe Kane’s Advanced Color Space Class and factory authorized training on Samsung DLP, Brillian LCoS, Colorfacts Professional and Ideal-Lume bias lighting.  I have, and continue to receive, extensive training and have a great deal of professional experience in the customer service industry.

My goal to you, the customer, is to provide not only an accurate, calibrated display, but to provide exceptional customer service that you expect and deserve.  Don’t leave your home theater in the hands of less skilled, inexperienced and poorly equipped “big box” employees.  With Advanced Audio Visual you will receive the finest calibration services from a full-time professional and maximum performance from your display device.

Written by Michael Chen