Jun 17

Julian Scott – UK

julian scottI’ve been an AV enthusiast since buying my first home cinema projector back in 2000. Little did I know that this purchase would take me on an odyssey of discovery, and not a little pain, as I sought to get the very best performance out of my home cinema.  At first, like many people, I was content to run my projector with it’s out of the box settings.  It was enough finally to have a large screen in my house!  But after a while I could see that my picture was somewhat lacking.  So I went out and bought myself a copy of the AVIA DVD, learning next how to set brightness, contrast, colour and tint.

Since my picture was improved I was contented for a while.  But that nagging feeling that there was still as yet untapped potential in my projector wouldn’t entirely go away.  As I browsed the AV related forums I became convinced of the need to go beyond this.  Several projectors and countless hours on the forums later I decided to purchase my first colorimeter.  It was a cheap colorimeter, my software was free and rather limited, and at that time I understood very little of the process of calibration.

As I discovered, it was one thing to own some equipment, yet another to know how to use it.  Seeking help on the various AV related forums was both a blessing and a curse – for every good piece of information that I gleaned I also took on board a load of nonsense!  It was hard to know what was good advice when everyone and his dog on the forums had their opinion.  So I spent many fruitless hours in the dark of my home cinema room, tearing my hair out in frustration!  I inched forward to video nirvana. I bought a better meter and software and slowly but surely began to make progress toward that end.  I had become a lot more competent as an amateur when, in Spring 2011, it came to my attention that THX were coming  to London for the very first time to train up professional calibrators.

This seemed like an answer to all my prayers so I immediately booked up on the course. The prospect of going through some systematic training over several days from renowned experts like Michael Chen and Gregg Loewen really appealed to me.  I was not disappointed.  Holes in my knowledge were duly filled and a sound understanding of the science and practice of video calibration was developed.  To cut a long story short, here I am now with hundreds of successful professional TV and projector calibrations under my belt.

I work hard to get the very best out of my clients’ displays, taking extra care and time to explain the process of calibration as clearly as possible.  Clients should expect education as a key component of their calibration fee as it can add real value to their home cinema experience.

Written by Julian Scott