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Sep 04

Robert Busch – Greater San Francisco Area

Robert has had the privilege of working in the Audio/Video business for over 28 years and his passion is to help everyone hear and see the sound and visuals the way they were intended. He has written for magazines reviewing products and has been written up in many of the magazines about the services he …

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May 01

Doug Blackburn – ABL/APL Behavior

From a Thread at AVS Forum You have to know what the “viewing angle” of your meter is… many meters have a VERY large angle of view and if you use a very small window size, the meter “sees” some of the black screen AND the pattern. That is NOT good. Any meter that is …

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Apr 30

Doug Blackburn – Contrast Ratios

From a thread in AVS Forum.  By Doug Blackburn The OP is confused in the extreme. 16-235 is digital values for video… there are no units. When you MEASURE how black (or white) a TV is with a meter, you are going to measure some UNITS OF LIGHT like cd/m2 (metric) or fL (foot-Lamberts), The …

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Apr 11

Lee Gallagher

Advanced Audio Visual provides the finest video calibration services in the state of Arizona, enabling you to achieve the best picture quality possible from your home theater system. For the past 8 years I have been a full-time Video Systems Calibrator. I am recognized by both the ISF and THX.  I offer complete and thorough …

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Apr 10

Lyle Corbin

Seattle I am a long time audio video professional and enthusiast doing audio mixing and design in large houses of worship as well as home theaters. In 2009 I became certified with ISF, HAA Level II and opened my business doing audio and video calibrations. Shortly thereafter I became certified by THX for video calibration. …

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Mar 13

Ray Coronado

SoCalHT – Serving the Greater Southern California Area Ray Coronado is an avid Audio / Video enthusiast who enjoys learning as much as possible about home theater and helping others get the most out of their systems. He has been certified as a calibrator / installer by THX, Audyssey, and Denon, and he consults with …

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