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Michael Osadciw

mike oGreater Toronto Area  – This will have to suffice until mike supplies me with a better photo.  Thank goodness for 10 megapixel images.  Had to crop this class photo down quite a bit to just get his mug.  Mike Osadciw is based out of Grimsby and is an elementary school teacher by day and a whole bunch of things by night including a volunteer fireman.  He calibrates TVs on the side as well as hunting geese in his backyard with a semi-automatic BB rifle.

His website is currently one of the most annoying ones that I have ever visited.  Go visit it yourself and you too will be asking “what is that noise?”  and how can you stop it.  Mike pledges to get this changed one day when he can stop his procrastination.  Why fix it today when it can be put off until tomorrow.  :)


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