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[important]Welcome to the TLVEXP Video Calibrator’s Portal page.[/important]

THX LondonThis is an all new section designed to introduce and give a voice to some of the other Professional Calibrators from around the world.  An area for them to introduce themselves as well as share their unique perspectives on all things calibration including the challenges that they might be facing in their part of the world.

Here is a gathering of Professional Calibrators that I have collected, that are confirmed to provide a large education component to the calibration in addition to calibrating the display.   This is not the same as simply answering all the questions that a client might have about calibration.  I am talking about the calibrator being pro-active and providing the client with answers even before the client might ask them.

If you just want a calibrator to come in and do the job and you don’t have any interest in what he is doing correct or otherwise, this area may not be for you, but I’m certain these people here can accommodate that type of service as well.

A number of the calibrators listed here are the traveling type.  Although they are based in a particular city, they do travel all over the USA or portions of it.  Doug Weil for instance covers almost all of the midwest of the US and beyond.  Gregg Loewen does the entire east coast and Vegas and Los Angeles too.  Get specifics from their pages.

The calibrators here are all Certified THX Video Calibrators and as per THX requirements, they have at least the i1 Pro Spectro and a signal generator of some fashion.  Each one is expecting to give their clients an education session as part of the calibration process.  Some here also have their ISF training as well. This area is not necessarily THX centric, but it has been easier for me to confirm which of the THX guys practice what we teach them to do in class. Much harder on the ISF side of the equation given that the thought of educating the client never even comes up in their program at all. But when I do find some of them that do share a common philosophy with this site, then I will welcome those people into this area as well.

So how can other calibrators who are not on this list find their way here?  Pretty simply really, they have to contact me and demonstrate to me that they share a set of core values that are common amongst all that are here right now.

I hope to grow this list over time. First up, some bio information.



Robert Busch – Greater San Francisco Area

Robert has had the privilege of working in the Audio/Video business for over 28 years and his passion is to help everyone hear and see the sound and visuals the way they were intended. He has written for magazines reviewing products and has been written up in many of the magazines about the services he …

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Julian Scott – UK

I’ve been an AV enthusiast since buying my first home cinema projector back in 2000. Little did I know that this purchase would take me on an odyssey of discovery, and not a little pain, as I sought to get the very best performance out of my home cinema.  At first, like many people, I was …

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Charles Cooper – Greater Atlanta Area

Charles Cooper is president of Norcross, GA-based cinetune (www.cinetuneav.com), where he is an ISF and THX-certified video calibrator.  Encouraged by his friends and family to open his business in September 2003, he has also earned THX-certified professional Home theater 1 & 2 and HAA certifications for acoustics.

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Doug Blackburn – ABL/APL Behavior

From a Thread at AVS Forum You have to know what the “viewing angle” of your meter is… many meters have a VERY large angle of view and if you use a very small window size, the meter “sees” some of the black screen AND the pattern. That is NOT good. Any meter that is …

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